About Craig Serling

Learn a little bit about Craig, his achievements, and some of his clients

About Me

I’m Craig. I write, edit and produce content for television and film, working with traditional and streaming services.

What drives me? The short answer is that I get to bring my curiosity about people and my passion for storytelling to every project. It all comes down to a desire to make great work.
Making great work means collaborating with others.

Starting out: After earning a B.S. in film and photographic arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I was a Directing Fellow at the prestigious American Film Institute. I began my career as a documentarian. I gained traction with two critically acclaimed documentaries: “American Heroes,” filmed in Bosnia during the siege of Sarajevo, and “Received Damage: Black Flag.”

Making the jump into TV , I was a supervising producer on several Discovery Channel series, including the hit Animal Planet series "Gator Boys." I was a lead editor on "Survivor", "Amazing Race" and "American Idol." Along the way, I worked for national news organizations like CNN and NBC producing and editing daily news and interviewing hundreds of diverse and people and celebrities.

Segues have always been part of my career. After non-fiction, I turned to scripted features and television. “Jam,” which I wrote and directed, enjoyed a limited theatrical release and wide exposure on several premium content providers. You can watch it on Showtime (200+) and multiple Starz TV platforms.

Awards and Affiliations

Awards? I’m humbled to say that “Jam” won multiple film festival awards. I’ve also received three Emmy nominations for my work editing “Survivor,” “Amazing Race” and “Cut Throat Kitchen.”

The real meaning behind it all? I get to meet and interview a lot of people. Celebrities. Farmers. People from all walks of life. Interviewing isn’t just a conversation; it’s a skill. A compelling story requires a lot of ingredients. Too much of one thing and too little of another? Whatever the medium, like a secret sauce, it has to be just right.

Advice to people new to the business? The industry is built on relationships. Even when you think you know what you’re doing, stay open to new ideas. Find common ground and work together to make a vision a reality. However you spend your time, do your best work, and then do more. It’s a great feeling to give your all – and more – to whatever you’re up to in life. And when you’re not on a job, take the time to help someone else.

What else? Be part of the community. Personally, I say “yes” to being on panels and in workshops. Why? Because if I can help someone along the way, it makes my brief time on this planet worthwhile. I’m also active in the Director’s Guild of America.

My Clients